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Bay City and me

Updated: Mar 22, 2020

San Francisco is a city that has always inspired creators. Hitchcock's Vertigo made famous use of several sites, and on the other side of the film spectrum walked Robin Williams's Mrs Doubtfire.

Many books were written in and about the city. The Maltese Falcon rises to mind and The Joy Luck Club, to mention just two of many.

As for me, I've visited the city for the first time in 2012 (the picture above was taken from the ferry on the way to Alcatraz).

In my first book, a collection of short stories, called "Tryst And Punishment", I've used San Francisco as a setting for the eponymous story. I had a lot of fun writing it into my story. David and Rachel fall in love while touring the streets and locations of this fabulous city:

"We drink our after-dessert port, and although I know what I want, I wait for her to take the next step. She has a look when she makes that kind of a decision. I wonder if she is aware of that. She gives me that look.
“I’d like to go on seeing you.”
“Me, too, Rachel.” I decide to be bold. “I’ve got this guide book about San Francisco, and I read about a fortune cookie factory. How about we go see it tomorrow together?”
Rachel agrees. We go in search of the hidden gem. The factory is more of a work shop than an actual factory; it's run by a family with ancient machinery. The whole experience feels quite authentic. Rachel laughs and marvels with me. We buy a huge bag of fortune cookies in two flavors, and I invite her to my place to gorge on it. I uncork a beautiful rosé, and we sip languidly and talk some more. I yearn to kiss her but I sense Rachel is still undecided and I remind myself that to have her as a friend is more important than to satisfy my libido..."
"...I don’t see Rachel for several days but we text regularly. We make plans to meet on top of Lombard Street. We walk it together zigzagging down the flowery banks. The next date is on a sunny afternoon. We loll on a grassy expanse in Yerba Buena sharing a take out. I meet Rachel early on Saturday morning and we take pictures of ourselves with a cloud-shrouded Golden Gate in the background."

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