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Sylvana Farraday

Voracious Reader Aspiring Author



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Tryst and Punishment - live on Amazon

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A Leaf from her Book (upcoming)

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A Bit About Me

My Story

I decided to write romance fiction because I wanted to read about women like myself: strong, independent with a very active libido. My heroines make their own fortune and control their destiny. Along the way they have great sex and find love and fulfillment. When I don't write I like to swim in the Mediterranean Sea and read. My favorite genres besides Erotica are Science Fiction, Thrillers, and Biographies.


“I care about the knowledge that old books hold,” Ayala continued. “And I want to preserve it and share it with others.”
She talked with enthusiasm. Her green eyes shone with determination. John smiled to himself. Of course, that was her true passion: books. It wasn’t him she asked on a date; it was his books.
“I collect books,” he told her. “Do you know whose first edition I have?”
She sounded scornful.
“That, too, yes. You think that’s cliché?”
Ayala blushed and lowered her eyes.
“Maybe it is obvious to have Dickens, Ayala…”
Ayala raised her head on hearing her name. She looked into his eyes and listened intently. John had finally got her full attention.
“But I collect for my own pleasure; not to satisfy anyone else’s opinions, or tastes. Or trends. And I happen to think that Dickens is one of the best writers of the English language. Still, I actually meant a female author.”

An excerpt from my upcoming book

Sylvana Farraday